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Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Product Description

3TP SFA enables sales representatives to use any handheld devices wireless to perform task
-Key in sales orders
-Process cash sales or credit sales orders
-Review customer accounts receivables and outstanding issues
-Print invoices or delivery orders using handheld outstanding issues
-Plan and make the movement of stock
-View daily route schedule on a schedule-time basis
-Access to customer, product, stock inventory and performance via wireless handheld devices from company.


Better customer experienced on buying process.

With wireless retrieve of information, sales reps able to access key contact, buying history and product information. With the latest information, sales reps will be able to provide immediate response to customers and shorten the sales cycle.

Increased sales visits: Salespersons can increase the number of sales visits and have more time to service their customers. They spend less time on paperwork and other manual work steps as well as reduced travel time between the field and the office. Deploying the application has resulted in gaining additional hours of sales time per day.

Increased sales revenue: With all the history sales information capture in the system, customer buying behavior using the 3TP SFA, 3TP clients have reported higher sales since deploying the application.

Provide quality customer service: Sales representative equipped with instant and updated customer and product information via any handheld devices are able to provide better customer service.

Enable increase and adjust sales activities : Daily sales reports and inventories enable sales managers to view the sales activities and performance and also to adjust it to increase the sales representative productivity.

Improve sale operation efficiency : The application brings about less paperwork and data entry, digital-based operation improve the speed and accuracy of accessing sales data and customer base and information will be captured and now sales representatives are more easy to adapt to the company.

The 3TP SFA application has eight main functionalities.

1. Customer Management Allows user to access the updated customer details such as contacts, credit limit, account receivables, SKU history, sales turnover, delivery location and a lot more while at customer locations.

2. Order Entry Allow sales reps to perform order entry from the handheld devices and transmit the order to the office in real-time mode for processing. Allows users to entry sales orders, process cash sales or credit sales, capture payments, and print invoices, receipts or delivery orders using a mobile or van-mounted printer from hand-held devices and transmissions are wirelessly to the back office for processing.

3. Product Information Equip users with the product knowledge with wirelessly retrieve and update product information, such as pricing, discounts and inventory information.

4. Sales Route Plan Allows users to plan ahead and define sales routes; the application automatically designs daily routes based on customer data and eliminate bulky route book.

5. Sales Performance Allows the sales representative and manager to review target achieved against specified targets by weekly, monthly and year to date.

6. Report Generation Users are able to generate sales reports and inventory reports.

7. Van Inventory Stock Check Van sales representatives are able to track inventory as stock is transferred in and out of the van throughout the say and allow stock replenishment by next day.

-Pocket PC and Palm mobile application to capture sales and transaction data
-Wireless connectivity (GPRS) to the backend office
-Office application manage by administrator
-Databridge ready to integration to backend systems

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