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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

3TP WMS is a robust, process-oriented information system that ensures the support for business logistics operations, either as an integrated extension of an ERP system, or a separate application without a necessity to link it with the host system. The system is based on clear material (package) identification and the identification of warehouse locations. Warehouse workers use print out reports , mobile wireless terminals and integrated bar code scanners and also monitor terminal , by means of which they record stock movements and also receive work instructions from the system regarding the performance of their work.

-Task & Resource Management
Controls the tasks in the warehouse and optimizes the sequence in which the tasks are executed. Ensures that, in the warehouse, the right task is processed by the right resource at the right time. Helps minimize the routes in the warehouse.

Key system characteristics of the 3TP Warehouse Management System
Using workflow engine to control the whole process
Goods receipt against purchase orders or ASN
Identification of goods received by a label with bar code
Packing and re-packing
Recording of stock transfer, "chaotic" warehouses, item-based warehouse, zones
Issue to production, replenishment, Following FIFO, FEFO, LIFO rules
Rule Based Putaway
Rule Base Picking
Flexible Picking Policy Packing line
Customer orders and call-offs
Unplanned issues
Customer label printing

-Receipts to warehouse
Compares receipts against purchase orders, call-off s or delivery note. If a supplier identifies a package with a label, receipt is performed aspackage registration through label scanning). Unlabelled packages are received through a PC and subsequently identified by an internal label. Complete check of delivery against notification (ASN) performed upon receipt when there is electronic data interchange with the supplier,. After receipt, all packages are labelled and prepared for subsequent
warehouse handling. Matching to Purchase Orders Allow User to Choose his own putaway location
Production Of Labels Ability to quarantine stock (Case, Pallet or entire Batch)
Automatic Choice of Storage Locations Alerts on incoming stock that fails acceptance Criteria

3TP Warehouse Management allows you to manage your material flow, using advanced putaway and picking strategies. In the standard system, these strategies for putaway include random putaway (next empty bin), bulk storage, fixed bin, or addition to stock. The picking strategies include standard strategies first-in first-out (FIFO), last-in first-out (LIFO), picking by shelf life expiration date (SLED), or partial quantities first. For customer-specific strategies, solutions can be self-defined in user exits.

-Picking zone
Guides the replenishing of picking zones for warehouses split into storage and picking zones. Replenishment orders are generated on the basis of defined rules, for example, when stock levels reach a minimum level. Generated orders are distributed directly to warehouse personnel by assigned zones. Use of mobile terminals insure all replenishment methods are managed paper-free. The system manages and controls compliance with FIFO, FEFO or other established criteria..

-Packing Zone
Any package may be split into several new packages. A pallet may be split into additional boxes, transferred from carton
into plastic boxes of differing quantities, divided into defective and perfect goods, or partially removed into a box. Traceability is ensured for each of these operations.



Stock Management
With 3TP WMS, your warehouse processes become automated and directed, which results in accurate and reliable inventory data. The availability and location of items is readily visible to all warehouse employees. It is also possible for 3TP WMS to keep track of the quantity of items within each bin. Cycle counting allows you to perform counting of physical inventory in an efficient way, recount if the stock is not tally. Stock transfer and adjustment are part of the available features.

Another feature of 3TP WMS that gives flexibility in inventory handling is bin blocking, which allows the contents of a bin to be temporarily blocked for stock counting or warehouse movements. This is an attractive option if you have some inventory that is defective or under quality control. 3TP WMS also supports stock transfer especially with return goods form customer , it can transfer as the good stock or return to supplier if it is a bad stock. It also means pick face , it means the stock can be pick and put away to other bins, so you can manage your company’s internal inventory requirements. This also means that you can take items from or place items in inventory without selling or purchasing them.

1) Cycle counting, physical inventory
Cycle counting with the 3TPWMS system can be performed under full operation and no stops to production or warehouse operations are required. Stocktaking areas are defined in the system. Three of the most frequently used inventory methods are by item, quantity, or position where the stocktaking is performed in one complete warehouse corridor. The system also supports the standard annual physical inventory.

Cycle counting base on

Zone (Shipping, Receiving, Packing, Bad Stock, Van Stock and Storage)
Group ( product group like BOH Packets, BOH POTBAGS)
Category ( VICO, BRANDS)
2) Stock Adjustment
After cycle count if the quantity of stock still not match with the physical stock. The stock can be adjust in the system
Variance Reports ( the reports show the different stock in book and physical units)
Stock Adjustment Request List ( to adjust the actual physical the stock)
3) Stock Transfer
Transfer the good stock back from trade return to inventory or bad stock to bad stock zone.

4) Pickface Replenishment
Replenish the stock from upper level to lower level in the bay and Aisle

5) Stock Opening
Physical stock by products and bin

6) Physical Worksheet
Detailed functions for monitoring the completeness of the physical inventory, the status of open and completed physical inventory activities, and the results of historical physical inventory activities are available. You can monitor the activities on material or location level.

Invoices Salesman Summary
Credit note Monthly Item Sales Analysis
Inventory costing Sales history
Inventory location Invoice Pricing
Miss sales reports Others more reports

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